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Debra Robertson Productions was founded in 2009 to help promote eco-focused businesses in Scandinavia.

Today, the business has established clients from Sweden to Australia, spanning sectors from the built environment to corporate training and tourism, providing services in social media, branding, publicity and mainstream media and website design.

Debra’s background includes being a journalist in Australia and the UK, a writer, director and performer in the arts and as a university researcher and lecturer in performance studies at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) and a founding member of the School of Performing Arts at Southbank Institute of Technology.

Debra’s combined experience also includes being a founding director of the Australian-based company, Performance Frontiers, where from 2001-2006 she specialised in the design and facilitation of experiential, arts based learning programs for corporate and government sectors.

From 2007-2008, Debra was the global marketing consultant for ecospecifier Pty Ltd. For ecospecifier, she designed and delivered a range of marketing and educational tools to assist ecospecifier with its ongoing vision to help green the built environment. These included campaigns to promote the company's services that included the verification of eco building materials and technologies, materials consultancy and education in ecological building practices worldwide.

Based in Sweden from 2009-2013, Debra continued to work with businesses, primarily in eco-tourism, developing brands and also developing with Stefan Forsman - Get Lost in the Wild, which offers wilderness and survival education experiences for human and animal development in Scandinavia’s wild countries. Debra continues her interests to help communicate and develop greater public awareness and appreciation for the natural world. She is the marketing and communications designer and manager for eco-label Global GreenTag and also Ecospecifier Global.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of Debra Robertsson. In my Swedish home village of Särna, in the district of Norra Dalarna, her creativity and enthusiasm inspired both tourists and the local population to appreciate and explore our marvellous natural surroundings. She has a strong and healthy curiosity about the world we live in, and is always prepared to deal constructively with unexpected problems. She is also a brilliant web designer, and in creating for us she has gently guided two computer newbies into the mystifying world of web design.
Anita Holpers - Co-owner of Vasselvallens Hantverk - Sweden